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I want a girlfriend, but the trouble is I am not sure about how to go about it; I never seem to have any luck with girls. If this sounds like you then read on to discover 9 top tips on getting a great girl; I am willing to try them so you should too!

1. Never act desperate - Firstly, never act desperate; this will well and truly put off any girl you approach. Thei want a girlfriend longer you have been out of the dating game the harder it will be to stay calm and collected and say the right things. So, stay cool and get out there chatting to girls before you lose your touch altogether.

2. Confuse the girl to get her to like you-Now, I want a girlfriend so I thought it was rather strange to confuse a girl to get her to like you; would that not just be wasting time? Apparently not as if you are too blatant with a girl the element of challenge disappears and the girl will lose interest. Be nice to a girl and then play it cool for a few days; this way you will get her thinking about you all the time!

3. Relay signals to the girl - Telling a girl outright that you like her is not always the best way to get her to go out with you. What you need to do is spice up the whole affair by giving her signals that you like her. This will get her wondering whether you like her and will get her feeling sexy and hot; the thrill of the chase is seductive and it really works.

4. Make the girl laugh - I want a girlfriend and I see myself as an easy going guy with a great sense of humor so this tip is really easy for me to relate to. If you can get a girl to laugh and smile then she will instantly become attracted to you. However, make sure you draw the line between being funny and being a joker; girls want funny guys as a boyfriend, they want jokers only as a friend.

5. Use some reverse psychology - If you saw a girl that you like chatting to another guy then you would instantly become jealous. So, how about you turn the tables and chat to other girls in front of the girl you really like. You don’t have to lead the other girls on or suggest a date; simply converse with them and make them laugh and you will see just how quickly the girl you really like comes running to you.

6. Show your masculinity - Now I want a girlfriend so bad that it hurts sometimes and I am willing to try almost anything to get the girl of my dreams. Girls are not attracted to soppy guys who they can manipulate; they want a masculine partner who will shelter and protect her like in nature so show her just how much of a man you can be.

7. Try to be patient - As desperate as you may be to get a girl, you need to be patient and you cannot expect the result you want the very first time you try. Knock backs can be disheartening, but when you go back and try again the girl will really see that you like her for real and she will start to like you too.

8. Predictable is boring - I want a girlfriend and although I have been looking for sometime without success I don’t see myself as boring. The less predictable you are, the more you will excite a girl. Girls love a sense of adventure and the unexpected, and when you can combine this with your masculinity then you will really be off to a great start.

9. Show her your talents - If you have a talent, whatever it is, don’t be afraid to share it with potential dates and girlfriends. A girl loves a guy who can dance or sing, or play the guitar. If none of the above fit your description concentrate on your assets such as your ability to make a girl laugh or to spontaneously surprise her.

Now, I want a girlfriend so I am going to try all the above tips to make my dream become a reality. Why don’t you try them too?



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